Tata Power-DDL believes in carrying forward the philosophy and legacy of the Tata Group by giving back to the society through its community development initiatives. It has its own aligned vision, mission and policy with a simple view of benefitting the society. The company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mother brand 'SAATHI' meaning a friend and companion has been created with this thought deriving inspiration from the brand promise “With you non-stop”. Tata Power-DDL's Saathi will always be there to serve the community unconditionally, like a true friend and will work vigorously for the betterment of the society.

Success Stories

Social Impact Group (SIG) Initiatives

For the Tata Group, improving the living conditions of the downtrodden, empowering the economically weaker and emancipating the socially underprivileged sections of society are the very foundation of its success. Under the umbrella of Saathi, all community activities have been classified into 4 pillars: